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Water Heater Repair in Tulsa, OK

Expert water heater repair and installation services in Tulsa.

A water heater is a crucial component to a home or business. After serving over 10,000 homes and business, Duvall Plumbing Co knows when to repair a water heater and when to replace. We are always up front and honest with the client about their options, setting us apart from other businesses.

At Duvall Plumbing Co, our first service call with you comes at a discounted rate. Call us today to learn more.

Pipe used for water heater repair Services in Tulsa, OK

Signs Your Water Heater is Beyond Repair

How can you tell if your Water Heater is beyond repair? Is your water too hot? Is there a lack of hot water? Is your hot water discolored or does it have an usual smell? These are signs that your Water Heater is beyond repair.

Why is Your Hot Water Heater Failing?

There are many reasons a Hot Water Heater fails. A mineral build up, complications with the temperature release valve, a faulty gas or power supply are just a few reasons a Hot Water Heater fails. 

Why Work With Duvall Plumbing Co?

At Duvall Plumbing Co we have expert technicians, affordable and competitive pricing and a 24/7 Emergency Service. We have served over 10,000 homes and businesses and have a loyal customer base.

Call us today at 918.991.0123 to have us send out one of our expert Plumbing Technicians.

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